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    Dojo Charter

    We believe in fostering an environment where students not only learn martial arts, but they find a way of life.  We believe in honesty, integrity and honor.  We are part of a team with the common goal of dedication to mastery.


    All things begin and end with respect.  We bow when we enter the dojo and when we leave.  We bow to our training partners before we practice and after we practice.


    No one gets left behind.  We make sure that everyone experiences success and finds themselves through the martial arts.



    Mastery Mind-Set


    Mastery Mind-Set: Doing the Impossible in Martial Arts, written by Craig R.E. Krohn, is now available at Amazon, iStore and Google Play.

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    In the world of martial arts, many things that look amazing are less so in reality; they seem impressive but are impractical at best. In Mastery Mind-Set, author Craig R. E. Krohn delivers a real martial arts methodology that focuses on internal techniques through which truly amazing things are possible. Derived from masters of Okinawa and Japanese arts, Krohn’s methods demonstrate how to approach your training in a manner that can help you achieve a higher level of mastery.


    After a primer on the fundamentals of the mastery mind-set, Krohn delves into the concept of internal power, which helps the practitioner find a sense of body connectedness that allows the absorption of full-power blows without injury. In addition, Mastery Mind-Set shows how internal power can be used to create devastating punches and kicks that can disrupt internal organs and shatter an opponent’s defenses. This guide discusses specific techniques and challenges the practitioner to let go of outdated training practices that might be hindering his or her development. It presents mental exercises that can transform an external martial art practice into an internal one. Krohn shows that, with practice and mental conditioning, powerful secrets can be applied to your martial arts and your life to allow you to perform the impossible.


    Dojo Blog

    Ever wonder what your instructors are thinking? Maybe wonder what they got out of a seminar? Perhaps curious what they’re thinking before an exam? Well, look no further! Click here to visit the Dojo Blog.


    Please feel free to comment and send us feedback. Let us know what subjects you want to read and what questions you have. We’re interested in what you have to say!





    Bothell Karate


    We are happy to announce that we are now offering Nia classes! We have specialized teachers on martial arts. If interest continues we will be adding more classes throughout the week.

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